Dear visitor,

thank you for visiting my website. As you may have gathered it’s a portfolio of the work I’ve done in the previous years and you can learn a lot about me by looking at all the projects. Nevertheless, I’d like to give some additional information that you probably won’t find “between the lines”.

I live in Germany and was born here in 1984 – the year Tetris was created, the Apple Macintosh has been introduced and the term “cyberspace” was coined by William Gibson. You can see: I’m a child of the digital world and therefore had my first video gaming experience at the age of four at my father’s Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Professionally I am a bit of a swiss army knife: Typically I refer to myself as a designer, because that’s what I like to do – solving problems with the means of design. Actually, I am also a lecturer at various universities in Germany, a programmer (not a very good one though), a photographer, sometimes an artist. I also like to design games, animate, write music or do soldering on small electronic devices. I hold a Master of Arts degree (Interaction Design) as well as a Bachelor of Science (Media and Computer Science).

Currently I’m employed as a research assistant at the University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule Flensburg, and am working as a freelance lecturer, programmer and photographer. When I got the time, I like to do game design experiments, because I simply love games and getting the chance to create one always makes me excited.

If you like my work or would like to work with me, feel free to drop me some lines.

Sascha Reinhold