moviz: Star Trek IX – XII
Personal Project

Download (Processing 2 Sketch)


In preparation for the new Star Trek movie in 2016 I realized that the previous twelve movies would make a great calendar. I had visualized movies before, but this time I wanted to achieve more pleasant esthetics than with the mitt|watch Posters. I was inspired by a photography series of Australian photographer Reiner Riedler, who took pictures of backlit film reels.

The application is similar to the mitt|watch-visualizer, but instead of writing pixels from top to bottom, it draws them in slightly curved lines from the center outwards. This creates a spiral shape as though the film would be winding around a reel. Besides Star Trek I also visualized several other movies including the Design Trylogy by Gary Hustwit.

Thanks to Pete Kirkham on the stackoverflow forums for publishing an algorithm to draw equidistant points on a spiral path – that helped a lot.


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