Russia & Ukraine

Russia & Ukraine: Start Screen
Originally developed during a workshop about newsgames at the Play14 festival in Hamburg

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Russia & Ukraine is a game of hidden information inspired by the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine in 2014. It is basically about putting your cards (units) in the best position for the final battle while gradually seeing more of the enemy units(cards).

The idea for the game originally came from Tomas Rawlings, who was part of my team as well as Tong Sun and Javier Diaz. We created the paper prototype in about 30 minutes and presented a fully playable game to the participants. A few weeks later I implemented this digital prototype to further investigate the potential of the game.


Russia & Ukraine: Choosing CardsRussia & Ukraine: Scanning UkraineRussia & Ukraine: Moving a CardRussia & Ukraine: Scanning RussiaRussia & Ukraine: The EndRussia & Ukraine: UI SketchesNewsgames Workshop: The Game BoardNewsgames Workshop: Explaining the GameNewsgames Workshop: Our Team