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Master  Thesis: Schema of Different Real Time Data

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My master’s thesis dealt with the use of real time data in interactive storytelling using the example of a fitness app. The scientific question was, how real time data can be used in games in order to create a richer and more personalized experience that motivates people to live healthier. I analyzed a series of mobile applications, compiled and categorized different kinds of data that can be tracked with mobile devices and researched the topic of motivation in games and sports.

The result is a concept for a mobile fitness game named Airchitects: As a player you take on the role of an architect, who builds cities in the sky. In oder to get new jobs, gather colors and building materials as well as building the actual houses you have to do actual exercises like walking, running, cycling, sit-ups or push-ups. The reward for all the efforts is your ever growing virtual city that you can actually look at, when pointing your mobile phone up.


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