licht.tisch: Lighting up
Study project


licht.tisch is a prototype of a desk that adjusts the lighting to your current activity. Our goal was to create a work environment were you do not have to constantly move your light sources around or switch them on and off.

The desk was built during the TransCross workshop at the Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal. As is intended by the workshop I teamed up with two engineering designers, Johannes Kuntze-Fechner and Christian Liebelt, who were responsible for the industrial design and construction of the desk. I did the electronics and programmed the lights and tracking technology to make it react to the user.


licht.tisch: Offlicht.tisch: Readinglicht.tisch: Watching Movielicht.tisch: Drawinglicht.tisch: Dimmer Switch 1licht.tisch: Dimmer Switch 2licht.tisch: Setuplicht.tisch: Arduino Microcontrollerlicht.tisch: Team